When you lose your milk teeth it grows back quickly. But after you grow up, every teeth that you lose is lost forever. However, that does not seem to be the case anymore. Recently, scientists have a found a way to regenerate dentin, the white part of your teeth without too much of pain.

The idea

A group of biology professors in Harvard analyzed the idea used in hair re-generation and have adapted the same idea for tooth re-generation as well. Lasers were able to stimulate the hair stem cells to re-generate. This is because lasers produce active oxygen and when this reacts with the keratin in the stem cells it produces an enzyme which is required for biologically causing the re-generation. They figured out that the same idea can be applied to the stem cells in the gums of one’s mouth by conducting a series of petri-dish experiments. These experiments revealed that by using laser the stem cells can be activated to produce dentin.

It is a very simple, inexpensive and easy procedure. All it takes is a blast of laser into your gum layer to stimulate the stem cells. These stimulated stem cells will then generate the dentin giving rise to a new teeth. It is extremely painless as it does not require cutting any flesh or any drilling to insert a root canal.

Future of this laser treatment

Many dentists have not approved this method yet and it is still in the testing stage. If it proves to be reliable and if does not have any side effects then it will be a boon for those who have broken teeth. This is a much better technique using fillings for the gaps. Laser technique does not give any clumsy look either. These innovative techniques and ideas can really help in improving the quality of the healthcare in our country.