A lot of people focus on dieting these days. One of the key things in dieting is measuring the calories in the food that you eat. Those with some knowledge about nutrition and dietetics can manage to a certain extent. But others have to rely on some books or charts to know the calorie content in their food.


About this new device

To help such people a new device has been introduced which can measure the calories contained in almost every food that’s thrown on your plate. This device is being made by a health and fitness company GE. The researchers working for this company have developed the prototype of the device that could use low-energy microwave to find out the calories of the food on your plate. At the moment, they can only work on food that is blended and homogenous but will soon find a way to make it applicable for solid foods too.


Imagine this!

Just think about this you can pop your dinner into this microwave oven and within a few seconds you’ll get a message to your smartphone . This message will tell you the number of calories in your food. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Working of this device

They realized that the accurate calorie content of the food can be measured by taking into account three factors and they are fat content, water content and weight. These three major elements in the calorie calculation can be found out using low-energy microwaves and hence this technique is not harmful. The amount of calories in other ingredients like sugar, fiber, protein can be determined by subtracting the calories for fat content and water content from the total calorie content.

As of now, it works only for liquid foods or foods that have the same consistency. It cannot be used efficiently to measure the calorie content of solid food. This truly a great and innovative device that can benefit a lot of people who want to take a good care of their health.