Most of the people in today’s world are allergic to something. There are many different kinds of allergies. Some people believe that allergies can’t be cured. While there are a few others who think that with proper treatment it would be possible to get rid of these allergies. Also there are many theories on the reasons for the occurrence of these allergies.


The new theory

In recent times, a new theory has been proposed for the cause of food allergies. This was put forth after a study done by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. They found that people who are allergic to certain food items have a gene called CAPN14 which increases considerably when they get affected. This is a molecule that is found in the epithelial tissues in the esophagus or the food pipe.

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According to these researchers when these misbehaving epithelial cells were exposed to Interleukin 13(IL-13) which is an immune hormone and a molecule activator called EoE it would become possible to control the secretion of CAPN14.

How they found this new technique?

CAPN14 encodes an enzyme in the esophagus and this is the main factor in causing an allergic condition called calpain14. This condition can be controlled from getting elevated by using drugs. But the scientists are trying to find therapeutic ways to cure this disease. They did this by using the cutting edge technology genomic analysis. They first analysed the DNA of a patient suffering from EoE and a protein analysis to find out why people developed these conditions.

Value of this technique

This is definitely a breakthrough in the field of allergic science. The unknown reasons for the cause of certain food allergies made it difficult to find a cure for most of these allergies. With these new studies it would be possible to reveal the reasons for such allergies and thereby treat them all.