Our human race has seen many deadly disease and has manged to eliminate some of them through innovative medical techniques. But the most deadliest disease that has been puzzling mankind for a long time is AIDS. Nobody has found a convincing cure for it and it has become a menace gobbling up many lives. Also people with AIDS live with a stigma which makes it very difficult to diagnose at an early stage.


Cures found in the past

But in the past few years, some cures are being found for this dangerous disease. In recent times a new method has been found which can help in eliminating HIV, the most deadliest virus in the world. The problem that has been there in killing this virus is that it constantly keeps mutating by interacting with the human DNA. Most of the recent techniques to treat this virus has been based on genome editing.


The new technique

Now another technique based on genome editing has emerged and it is based on a latest study done by a team at Temple University. This technique is much better than others, however, because instead of modifying the human genes it goes straight to the HIV virus. They have devised a protein that could obtain copies of the HIV genome from immune cells like Microglia and T cells. This technique can be also used to prevent HIV infection.


Status of this research

Of course, the research is not yet complete and is still going on. Doing something on a petri-dish is one thing but getting a technique implemented on a human body is another. There are some challenges to this new technique which makes it incomplete. Like for example how do you identify if a cell or a tissue has been damaged? Until these problems are resolved it would be difficult to say anything about the potential of this new technique.