Misfit has made many amazing products that have allowed us to keep track of our health. The most wonderful product that they made in recent times was Shine which is a fitness tracker. It is a pretty wearable that can fit in your pocket and tracks the fitness levels of a person periodically. The fact that you don’t have to transfer it from your wrist to your pocket, time to time, like other fitness trackers made it a commercial success.


Now this company has come up with another product which is called Misfit Beddit system. This is actually two separate devices used as single equipment. It consists of Shine which you place in your pocket or somewhere on your body and the Beddit which remains stationary on your bed all the time.

About the new Beddit system


Beddit is a very slim and sleek. It is actually a thin piece of film that you place on the top of your mattress but under the sheets of your bed. This thin piece of film on your mattress is attached to a little box that you can place on a table or any surface by the side of your bed. This device is based on the concept of ballistocardiography and it measures heart rate and respiration. It also checks your snoring by using sensors and the phone microphones to gather data. This device is so intelligent that it can even differentiate your heart beat from that of another person sleeping in the same room.

Accumulating and analyzing your data

The advantage of using the Misfit Beddit is that it calculates your sleep cycle data. This way it can wake you up when you are in the light sleep phase and does not disturb you when you are in the deep sleep phase. In a way, it can perform as an efficient alarm clock that you can count on whenever you want. The data accumulated by this Misfit Beddit during your sleep will be integrated with your data from Shine during the daytime. This integrated data will be then analyzed to generate your fitness report. This report will be then sent to your phone which you can view anytime you would like it.


It is extremely cheap and costs just around $150. Using Misfit Beddit and Shine you can always keep track of your health and fitness. So make sure that you try out this new equipment from Misfit.