Diabetes has become one of the most common disease in the past few decades. The worst part of diabetes is that it can lead to other problems like heart conditions which can put your life in great risk. Once you become a diabetic patient then you have to live the rest of your life as a diabetic patient because there is no way to cure this pesky condition. However if this disease is diagnosed at an early stage then it can be kept under control.

diabetes blood sugar test strips

Introduction of the new and innovative microchip

There are many devices to test whether a person is diabetic or not. Recently, a new and innovative device has been introduced which can check your sugar levels. This device is a tiny, inexpensive micro-chip that can indicate the sugar levels in your blood. A group of Stanford researchers recently developed a small micro-chip that can scan your blood to determine whether you are diabetic or not. This test can be done in fraction of seconds.


Best part of this device

The interesting part is that these tests are reusable for upto 15 patients and is very precise in differentiating the bio-markers that determines whether a person is a type-1 or type-2 diabetes patient. This device costs about $20 and is as small as a glass slide that is used for viewing micro-organisms in biology.

Concept behind the working of this device

The concept of this microchip is very simple. It contains a group of nano-sized gold islands which intensify the fluorescent signal and thereby making it possible for reliable anti-body detection. Over production of anti-bodies can attack the healthy tissues in our liver that produce insulin. This is often the case with type-1 diabetes patient and type-2 patients.

Major breakthrough

This microchip is already being considered by many as a breakthrough in diabetes research. Although there is no cure for diabetes, it would be possible to diagnose at an early stage and keep it under control. The new microchip device makes it easy to do this.