Today every person is facing a lot of stress and many crumble to this stress. Although there are many ways to handle stress, not all of them are efficient. There have been many methods and theories to overcome stress. However, none of them can be as good as or as efficient as doing yoga. There are many yoga techniques to overcome stress and the most important ones of them are as follows.


Deep breathing or meditation

When our stress level increases, the heart rate shoots up and your breathing becomes quicker and shorter. In order to get the required amount of oxygen fro our body we need to inhale and exhale deeply. Only with the right amount of oxygen will our body produce its optimal performance. Yoga has many deep breathing exercise that can alleviate all your negative emotions and replace it with positive vibrations. It is advisable to do these exercises in fresh air but you can do this anytime you feel stressed out.

Beautiful woman doing meditation.

Focus on your breathing

The most important thing when you are meditating or taking these deep breaths is focus. Do not let any physical discomfort or distractions to get the better of you. Just stay focused on your breathing and feel the flow of the air through your nostrils. This can help in perfectly relaxing your mind.


Accept your feelings

In the midst of this silence, try to tap into your inner conscious and find out what is going on in your mind. Learn more about how you feel and admit your feelings to yourself. After all we are all humans and even the most toughest man on the planet would breakdown emotionally under extreme conditions.


Next you have to relax yourself physically. Identify the part of your which you feel is strained and direct all of your focus towards it. Observe the flow of the blood and air to these parts. Then stretch that part of your body until you feel that it is totally relaxed. Doing this enables you to keep your body flexible and slows down the degradation of your physical condition.