Human brain is a wonder created by God. Made out of intricate and complex network of neurons it sometimes seems impossible to completely comprehend it. Scientists have been trying to find a way to help improve memory and attention span of the human brain. In recent times, they have found a way that could possibly allow the human brain to reach high levels of memory, attention and to overcome pain.



It has been found by applying mild electric currents it is possible to increase memory, attention and reduce pain at times when they are in extreme pain. This is technique is popularly called Trans-cranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS). It is a non-invasive brain stimulation and does not involve any surgery. It is still in the experimental stage and it is showing promising to become one of the major ways to improve focus and attention and alleviate pain.


Results of testing TDCS

TDCS has mainly been developed to be used in the Department of Defense (DoD) for boosting the performance of a soldier’s brain. This non-invasive technology has already started showing some results. When a U.S soldier got injured during training in the camp, he was immediately given treatment using TDCS. After a few seconds he could not feel the pain anymore.There were many more such instances recorded which showed that the non-invasive TDCS works. Also many experts have started pressing for the need to push this into the mainstream medical practices. It has already been proven that it is an incredibly reliable method and hence there is no reason why this should be stopped from becoming a mainstream technology.


Many scientific advancements in the health sector has made it possible to improve the quality of human life. TDCS can surely help in making humans more intellectual and even more resistant to pain if and when it becomes one of the mainstream technologies.