Most people frequently drink soda. When doing latte night work they think it can push them through the night. Some drink it because they are addicted to the taste. Although we are of the fact that sodas are bad for our health we still keep drinking it. But when you go through the following reasons you will know that sodas are not just bad but are extremely injurious and that it can lead to some terminal diseases.


Harmful ingredients used in soft drinks

On the bottle labels, most sodas state that they use sugar. But it is not the sugar that we use every day in our lives. There are two types of sugar molecules, glucose and fructose. Glucose can be metabolized by our body more easily when consumed. The other type of sugar molecule, fructose, can only be digested by a hormone secreted from the liver. It takes plenty of time to get digested. It also does not get metabolized so easily and hence gets converted into fat. So over-consumption of fructose could lead to Type-2 diabetes and obesity. It could also lead to cardio-vascular disease and liver diseases.


What does research say about these ingredients and soft drinks

Recent research by Dr. Micahael Goran , director of Childhood Obesity Research Centre at USC’s Keck School of Medicine shows that most of the sodas contained high levels of fructose. All these sodas were from leading companies and consumed by millions of people all over the world in a day. Unexpectedly, This research also revealed that these sodas contained high amounts of carcinogens like mercury and magnesium. Moreover, it consists of a variety of polypeptides which can cause gastric trouble and digestive problems.


Many steps have been taken to supervise and monitor the levels of Fructose and other harmful ingredients in sodas to make them safe for consumption. However it is advisable to avoid consuming these soft drinks